In 2019 when I set out to make a magazine dedicated to all of the amazing coffee shops in Indianapolis, I would have never imagined the journey that came with it. Now here we are—our magazine Batch is a finalist for the Sprudgie award for Best Coffee Magazine. And now we need your help to cross the finish line in first place!

Also, these incredible photos were taken by the queen/icon/legend: Jes Nijjer.

How to Vote

It is super easy to vote for Batch Magazine for the Best Coffee Magazine Sprudgie award. You don’t have to vote in every category, so if there are names you don’t recognize, feel free to skip over them! (We do also fully endorse voting for our friends @Cxffeeblack for Best Social Media and Best Coffee Podcast.)

To vote, head to! It’s a simple Google Form, and patience is the key here if you’re on mobile!

What is a Sprudgie?

Sprudge is a daily news organization dedicated to coffee news and culture around the WORLD. Every year, the community comes together for the Annual Sprudgie awards. Award categories range from Notable Roasters and Best New Coffee Products to Best Coffee Podcast and BEST COFFEE MAGAZINE, which is the category we are a finalist for!

The Sprudgies are a HUGE deal to the coffee community, and every once in a while Indianapolis is represented in the nominations. I truly can not believe this, and I am so proud of all the hard work we all put into this to get here.

The Other Nominees

Part of why I can’t believe we’re nominated for Best Coffee Magazine is because the other nominees are INCREDIBLE.

I have been reading Drift magazine for nearly a decade now, and they were a huge inspiration for the Indianapolis Coffee Guide and for Batch. Standart is another huge coffee magazine I’ve been reading for the longest time. Not to mention, CoffeePeopleZine is a huge community-driven publication with some of our friends on the leadership of.

I feel like we all make the joke about how “it was just an honor to be nominated,” and I never truly understand the gravity of that until now!

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Thank you all SO much for being along on this journey with me. I am truly so thankful to have this platform and this opportunity to spread the love of our amazing local coffee community.

Please make sure to vote for Batch Magazine for Best Coffee Magazine at!