As if it wasn’t already the dreamiest collab to be working with the Indianapolis Cultural Trail for our Roast Rides (more on that here), our friends at Tinker Coffee are joining in on the fun!

For the month of March, Tinker Coffee is helping us give back to The Cultural Trail in two big ways. First, you can Round Up your purchase at the register to donate to The Cultural Trail. They’ve also introduced TWO Cultural-Trail-themed seasonal drinks where a portion of their proceeds go directly to The Cultural Trail.

When we asked Tinker Coffee if they’d be a stop on our March Roast Ride, I could have never imagined what they would scheme up. So let’s chat about it!

A woman at the register of Tinker Coffee
A hand on the screen of a café register rounding up her purchase to support the Indianapolis Cultural Trail

Rounding up for The Cultural Trail

One of the ways our friends at Tinker Coffee are giving back to our friends at The Indianapolis Cultural Trail is through a round-up campaign at their register. After you order your tasty coffee and treats, you’ll be prompted at the register to round-up your purchase to the next dollar, and that round-up amount will be donated to The Cultural Trail!

We talked about this more in our Roast Rides announcement, but the Indianapolis Cultural Trail is a 501(c) non-profit that maintains the 8+ miles of the trail. They rely on community partners like this to provide awesome programming, to keep the trail free of ice and snow, to maintain the beautiful art along the trail, and so much more.

So while it may seem like pennies to you while checking out, you’re contributing to a HUGE effort that is going to make the trail (and our community) so much better.

A close up shot of a yellow iced drink in a colorful cup that says Tinker Coffee.
A sign on the Cultural Trail showing cyclists on the left and pedestrians on the right. There is a yellow drink out of focus in the foreground.

Two new specialty drinks

Along with the round-up campaign at the register, the T-birds also schemed up TWO new specialty drinks for the season that are aptly Cultural-Trail themed. A portion the sale of each drink will be donated by Tinker to the Cultural Trail. First off, what an amazing way to give back and pay tribute at the same time. Second, THE DRINKS ARE SO GOOD.

A photo of “The Dancing Ann” a yellow iced drink from Tinker Coffee with the Cultural Trail out of focus in the background

The Dancing Ann

Okay, so if you’ve ever been to downtown Indianapolis, you’ve surely seen Ann Dancing, the iconic and always-in-motion art installation on the Cultural Trail at the popular intersection of Mass Ave, Vermont, and Alabama.

“The Dancing Ann” in this case is a super refreshing aqua fresca featuring pineapple, turmeric, basil and lime, and it is guaranteed to make your hips swing back and forth like its namesake art piece.

On Your Left

One of our favorite activities to do on The Cultural Trail is biking, and what is the most common phrase we use while sharing a trail? “ON YOUR LEFT!” Because we love and respect the folks walking along the trail! And we always want to let them know when we’re about to pass them! Safety!

The “On Your Left” is a honey sage latte that can be enjoyed hot or iced. It is the perfect balance of smooth and sweet. Tinker always crushes it when coming up with their specialty latte recipes, and this one is another home run. (Is there a biking equivalent of a home run?)

Our amazing rider group for the March Roast Ride!

Roast Rides: Free local coffee shop bike tours

This whole collab between Tinker and The Cultural Trail is part of Roast Rides, our free local coffee shop bike tours in partnership with our friends the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Every month, we host the free coffee + bike tours and visit a few of the amazing local coffee shops along the Cultural Trail. For our March ride, our tour stopped at Quills Coffee and Tinker Coffee on Market St.

Every month, we visit different shops along the trail, and we had such a blast on our March ride! For more information about upcoming dates and how to secure free tickets, check out our announcement post! You can also check out all of the dates (and so many other amazing free events) on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail Event Calendar.

Good People helping other Good People

I just really am still giggly about our partnership with The Indianapolis Cultural Trail, but this addition of support from our friends at Tinker Coffee ices the proverbial cake.

We can’t thank Tinker Coffee enough for being gracious hosts for our March Roast Ride AND for partnering with our friends at The Cultural Trail for these amazing give-back efforts. A specific and huge shout out is needed for our dear friend Libby Baert, incredible human and the café manager at Tinker, and Riley Hill-Kartel, our friend and also the Director of Advancement at The Cultural Trail.

Good people helping good people helping make our city and communities better. We love to see it.

NOW, go visit our friends at Tinker and round up your order at the register! And of course, make sure you check out the amazing drinks they’ve conjured up—“The Dancing Ann” and the “On Your Left” latte. All available for the entire month of March!

Close up image of the menu at Tinker Coffee that shows the Cultural Trail specialty drinks
Smiling faces of four women inside Tinker Coffee’s café