We asked, now you receive. (Is that how that goes?) Here’s a list of Indy’s best cold brew from local coffee shops as recommended by YOU!

I’ve had this blog post ready for a while, but this summer was a little weird. So to help us all through this last heatwave, I’m gonna tell you where to get the best Cold Brew in Indianapolis. By no means is this an exhaustive list — it’s just the ones y’all said were your favorites!

Indie Coffee Roasters Cold Brew

If you ask anyone about good cold brew in Indianapolis, there’s a great chance Indie Coffee Roasters in Carmel will be the first name to pop up. It’s just a fact they’ve got some of the best cold brew in the game.

You can pop into their cafe in Carmel to grab some cold brew to-go, and they also offer bottles of cold brew and their nitro cold brew for delivery within 10 miles of their shop.

Cold Brew from Tinker Coffee

Tinker Coffee’s cold brew is available at cafes around the city. Once the pandemic hit, they did us a solid and started bottling it! They offer their cold brew in 12oz and 64oz bottles, and it can be ordered online for pickup at their roastery on 16th Street.

Another pro tip: you can also buy their bottled cold brew to be donated to healthcare workers in Indy.

Foundation Coffee Company + CxffeeBlack

We were super happy for Foundation Coffee Company to open back up because I know they were working on lots of cool new stuff for us while they were closed, like partnering with CxffeeBlack in Memphis to use their super delicious Guji Mane for cold brew! I’m not usually a cold brew kinda guy (give me hot black coffee or give me death), but I only order the cold brew when I go to Foundation now.

Circadian Coffee

Circadian Coffee is another roaster that has to make this list. While they don’t have a cafe, they DO have a drive-thru window. Simply head to their website, order a gallon of their cold brew (yes, a whole gallon!), and swing by their roastery on 46th Street near Keystone. It couldn’t be easier.

Honorable Mentions

As usual, you all shared some amazing cold brew recommendations with me on Instagram, and I wanted to highlight my favorites and the ones that were mentioned most often. Of course, good cold brew isn’t an anomaly or unique to these few stores.

Here are more shops that were frequently mentioned for having great cold brew:

BONUS: Cold Brew Chick Podcast

Remember life before the pandemic? Me either. What I do remember is last year before Coffee Fest, I had the chance to chat with the incomparable Cold Brew Chick Podcast out of San Diego about the best cold brew in Indianapolis. You can check out the podcast here or on your favorite podcast platform.

In Coldclusion

Listen, I’m a hot black coffee kinda guy, and sometimes cold brew is the next best thing. I can personally vouch for all of these amazing cold brews, and I dare you to try them all and fall in love with them. Because there’s never really a bad time for good cold brew.

Did I miss your favorite cold brew? Chime in on Instagram and let us all know!