Our Sponsors

The following sponsors are responsible for making Issue 1 of Batch a reality for us. We chose each of these sponsors because they believe in the same things we do: Indy, Coffee, and Community.

We trust in these sponsors and what they do which is why we personally recommend them to you.

Please help me return the favors by giving them the love they deserve, especially because Batch would not be real without them. Be on the lookout for more awesome content from them soon.

Title Sponsor

Larry Nutt, Fancher Mortgage

Larry Nutt lives and breathes community, which is why I was so excited when he reached out about sponsoring Batch. While mortgages and coffee don't necessarily go hand-in-hand, Larry has taken care of a lot of people in the coffee community, and he believes in everything we're doing just as much as we do.


2nd Street Creative

2nd Street Creative is a branding boutique and web shop based in Indy. Ryan & his team build thoughtful brands and engaging web products with emotion and expertise.

I trusted Ryan with the Indianapolis Coffee Guide brand, and look how far we've come! No other shop, big or small, would have executed the vision behind Batch and our brand like Ryan has.


Team Rehab Physical Therapy

Kateline Koontz and her team at Team Rehab have been treating my family and many of my friends for several years. Not only does she take care of our muscles and joints, she educates us on how to keep our bodies moving right to prevent further injuries.

Physical Therapists can and should be a first-line defense against physical ailments, just like you trust your family doctor when you get the sniffles. That's what Katelin does for us.

Whether you have an injury or your body is just getting older like mine, Katelin and Team Rehab will take care of you and get you back on track.

Visit Team Rehab