This year, Monon Coffee Company celebrates it’s 20th anniversary. Tucked right off of the Monon in Broad Ripple, the cafe has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the last two decades. And thanks to the shop’s new owner, Leslie Dolin, the only direction to go from here is up.

Then & Now

Leslie first fell in love with Monon Coffee 18 years ago when she first started working as a barista. Since then, she’s conquered every role in the cafe which makes her the perfect fit to take over the reigns as shop owner. It was a natural transition for the veteran barista who, at this point, had spent nearly all of her working life behind the shop’s counter.

The cafe’s charm, location, and commitment to local will never change, but that’s not keeping Leslie from pushing the shop forward. She’s already making waves – her first order of business was freshening up the space with new paint, new floors, revitalized counters, and many other small tweaks.

Monon Coffee Company has always been driven by its community, and that’s exactly what Leslie plans to invest in to keep the energy and uniqueness alive and well. The cafe will always foster a welcoming space for the arts and conversation, just like it always has.


The Woman Behind The Coffee

I met up with Leslie for the first time recently, and she is incredibly kind. After chatting for awhile I could tell her sweetness and generosity come from a combination of her service background and her passion for knowing people and their stories.



Leslie also has a truly creative spirit, which you pick up on even before learning that she also is a full-time artist. That’s right – when she isn’t caffeinating the locals or making grocery runs for the shop, she spends her time in her art studio. Some of her pieces can usually be found for sale in the shop.

Leslie is one of those people who is just… good. And her smile and laughter let you know that it’s all so perfectly genuine.

That’s how you know Monon Coffee is going in the right direction. (Well, that and the amazing coffee.)

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