Wow wow wow. This has been a year of dreams coming true at the Indianapolis Coffee Guide. This time specifically was being able to teach a few Coffee Brewing 101 classes with our friends at the Indianapolis Public Library.

These classes were made possible by The Indianapolis Foundation Library Fund through a grant to The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation. I am SO BEYOND GRATEFUL to have had this opportunity.

While the classes are over, there’s still so much going on this summer. And I learned SO MUCH with everyone that attended that I’m excited to share with you all. So let’s get into it!

Also: thank you to our friends at the Library for providing these photos!

Talking about French Press and other home brewing methods.

Recap of Coffee Brewing 101 Classes

I love every single opportunity to talk to folks about coffee, especially when I get the chance to help people make better coffee at home. You all were really excited about it, too! I didn’t even get to post about the classes on my own social media because all of the classes filled up so quickly.

Library patrons have been asking for coffee programming for a long time, and it was truly an honor and a dream to be able to partner with our friends at IndyPL to teach these classes.

We hosted four classes throughout June and July at the West Perry branch, the Michigan Road branch, the Irvington branch, and the Fort Ben branch. Like I said, the classes filled up QUICKLY, so now we know how to prepare for next year. 😉

Coffee is personal

Coffee is so personal. We all have different preferences. We all come from different places. We all have different wants and needs. These are all things I love about coffee.

That’s how I approached this class.

There’s a lot of great information in my original blog that was also printed in the first issue of Batch. This more-hands-on approach to that content really unlocked the information to real people, and it was my goal for every class to make sure everyone left with applicable information to them and for them.

The way I make coffee at home is always changing, but it is also very personal to me. There are also a million ways to make coffee!

Every time someone asks me for coffee-related recommendations, I always try to approach my response by understanding the basis of the question. The more I can understand what you’re looking for and why you’re looking for it, the better answer I can give. (Which, admittedly, is sometimes pointing you in a different direction to get your question answered.) It doesn’t matter how I like my coffee, you know? Because it probably isn’t and shouldn’t be the way you like your coffee.

That’s why it was important for me to approach the class in a personal way.

Making a hilarious (I’m sure) joke about kitchen scales!

Choose your own coffee adventure

Like I mentioned above and in the blog, there are basics I can teach you about asynchronously, but ultimately I want you to approach coffee how you want to and within your constraints.

The big pieces of leveling up your home brewing typically boil down to the equipment—gooseneck kettles, grinders, scales, timers, manual brewers, automatic brewers, etc. There are so many ways to approach each of these topics, and each one can impact your setup in different ways. It takes time, and it takes patience. But once you find your coffee ritual, it is magic.

I encourage you to check out the Home Brewing Game Changers article if you haven’t yet. I’m also working on a blog about the most frequently asked questions that came up during these classes!

IndyPL’s Adult Summer Reading Program

In tandem with these coffee classes is Indianapolis Public Library’s Adult Summer Reading Program. I know we talked about this last year, but it is always worth repeating!

We all know and love summer reading programs for kids, but did you know IndyPL has one for adults, too? AND there are prizes!

From June 1 through July 31, you can join the Adult Summer Reading Program on the Beanstack app. You track allllllll the reading you do throughout the summer—books, ebooks, audio books, blogs, news articles, you name it! At the end of the program, you can cash in your points for chances to win pretty sweet prizes.

You can check out all of the information over on the Adult Summer Reading Program section of the IndyPL website.

Oh, and if you’re looking for coffee-related books to add to your TBR pile, check out this list.

Amazing and Free events at the Library

I’ve been screaming for years about this, so I’ll keep it short and sweet here: THE LIBRARY IS AMAZING.

One of the million reasons the library is amazing is because they offer FREE programming at all of their branches ALL YEAR LONG. They literally have classes on every topic from coffee to animal meet and greets to woodworking to gardening to STEM to SO MANY THINGS.

I took a Printmaking class last fall with Jager Palad at the Central Library, and I have been obsessed ever since. Remember these sweet crewnecks I made? Yeah, I learned that at the library! And then I turned it into an entrepreneurial endeavor!

I love the library. You should definitely check out their Program & Events calendar!


I love the library so much, and it was a dream come true to teach Coffee Brewing 101 classes this summer. I appreciate all of the participants who signed up—you all kept me on my toes, and I hope you had as good of a time as I did.

Nobody is asking me to say any of this (to the point where I hope I don’t surprise any of my friends at the library with this. Whoops!). And again, this was only possible because of the The Indianapolis Foundation Library Fund through a grant to The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation.

My final sip

Would you all be interested in more of these coffee classes at the library? Would it be Coffee Brewing 101? 201? Or something else?

Let me know!