Hey. Check the time you’re starting to read this blog and remember it. You’ll need it in a minute. Okay. Begin blog now.

A few months ago we excitedly announced that our magazine, Batch, is available to check out from 20 different branches of the Indianapolis Public Library. And NOW, you can read Batch (and so much more) as part of IndyPL’s Adult Summer Reading Program.


Remember in elementary school when we’d get prizes for reading? And then we grew up, it went away, and life got bleak? Well, LET THE SUNSHINE IN because IndyPL is letting us join in on the fun again.

Keep reading for all of the details, or learn more on the IndyPL website.

We love the library

Before we get into the details about the Adult Summer Ready Program, let’s talk about the library for a minute.

Libraries are so massively important, and we love the Indianapolis Public Library. They do so much for our community and are a freakin’ treasure to our city. Our house frequents the library—specifically the Central branch downtown—and I would have NEVER imagined that something we wrote and published would make its way into circulation.

We made great friends with some folks at the library while we were working on the details about getting Batch on the shelves, and we were super stoked when they asked if we could help get the word out about the Adult Summer Reading Program. So let’s talk about it!

Joining the Adult Summer Reading Program

First: what is it?

The Adult Summer Reading Program is exactly what it sounds like! From the beginning of June to the end of July, adults can read Batch (and other books, I guess) to earn tickets go toward prize bundles at the end of the summer. This year they have some HUGE prizes, including a number of coffee-themed prizes and even a stay at Bottleworks!

If you’ve got kiddos, they also have their regular Summer Reading Program, which you can learn more about here.

Second: what can you read?

I said you can read Batch, but honestly, you can read whatever you want! Even reading this blog post (and all of our other posts or The Weekly Wave), counts. You don’t even have to check out books from the library, though I highly recommend supporting the library by swiping that library card as often as possible.

Books you own. Books you check out. Audiobooks. Digital books. Magazines. Research papers. Essays. If you can read it, it counts.

Third: how do I sign up?

Signing up for the Adult Summer Reading Program is super easy! All of the details are over on IndyPL’s website, but here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Create an account on the Beanstack app: download the mobile app or create an account online
    1. Side note: you can also track your reading manually by visiting any branch of IndyPL to pick up a tracker
  2. Join the challenge: In Beanstack, find and join the “Adult Summer Reading 2023” with IndyPL
  3. Log your reading: Beanstack is super easy to use! Just log how much you read, and you’re in!

The more hours you read, the more prize drawing tickets you’ll receive for chances to win any of their amazing prize bundles. It’s even better than the Scholastic book fair if we’re being honest.

Other ways to get involved with the library

Listen, you already know I love the library, but it’s not just the books I love! IndyPL also offers a ton of free community programming for folks of all ages—we’re talking foraging, gardening, fishing, printmaking (I signed up for this one), pottery, and all kinds of stuff. ALL FOR FREE. Some of these even count toward the Summer Reading Program, so… 👀

Did you read this far?

If you did, congrats! Check the time and compare it to when you started reading it. Now, go log in to the Adult Summer Reading Program and let this blog be your first entry! You are so very welcome.

I’ve said it a thousand times, and I’ll say it a thousand more: I love the library, I can’t believe Batch is in the library, and I can’t believe you can read Batch to win sweet prizes.

We’re lucky to have the Indianapolis Public Library, and I can’t thank them enough for partnering with the Indianapolis Coffee Guide to get the word out about their programming. What a time to be alive.

Alright, now: go sign up for the Adult Summer Reading Program. Then, tell all of your friends.