The Indianapolis Coffee Guide exists for the community, and it would not exist without the amazing support of our partners and sponsors throughout the community. We partner in many ways with businesses outside of coffee who believe in the local coffee community as much as we do. I literally could not be doing this and creating all of this content without these folks.

I’m always giving coffee recommendations, so here are some local partners I also personally (and highly) recommend.

Transparency: Some of these may be affiliate links, and I will let you know when they are. It’s their way of giving back and supporting the Coffee Guide, but it in no way affects them being on this page. I’m including them because if you choose to support those local partners, you’re supporting the Indianapolis Coffee Guide, too!


Instagram: @heytactive

Tactive has become my go-to printing partner for basically all of my marketing and merch needs, and I know they are also trusted by many in the coffee community. They’ll be leading the charge for all future issues of Batch—printing, packaging, and some marketing—as well as all of my other random ideas: stickers, postcards, posters, shirts, custom packaging, and anything else I can dream up. They constantly listen to my wild ideas while helping me dream up new ones and how to bring them to life.

Tactive is over in Riverside, and they are dedicated to supporting and uplifting small businesses in Indy because that is exactly what they are. Let me know if you’d like an introduction, and I’d be happy to connect you!

Jes Nijjer + Pretty Not Bad Visual Studio

Jes Nijjer was one of the first friends I made when I started the Indianapolis Coffee Guide in 2016. She was just starting out on her own coffee + photography journey at the same time, so naturally, we collided pretty quickly. Now, she is a full-time professional photographer + creative at her visual studio, Pretty Not Bad.

Jes was one of the first professional photographers I ever worked with. She has shot for many local restaurants and cafés over the years, and she brings a beautifully crafted aesthetic to all of her images. I trust her so much that she has been the photography director for both issues of Batch, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Besides her incredible talent, Jes is one of the kindest, smartest, and most thoughtful human beings on the planet. I am so beyond thankful to call her one of my best friends.

Check her out: @jeskeepswimming (Instagram) /

Batch Issue 2 Sponsors


Watch the trailer for Hoodox, the online streaming platform for Indiana-focuses nonfiction content.

Hoodox is an online streaming platform for Indiana-focused nonfiction content (like Netflix, but so much better). We shop local. We eat local. It’s time to start watching local.

We partnered with Hoodox for Issue 2 because we share many of the same values, like sharing and uplifting powerful community stories from within Indiana. It just makes sense.

Check it out at and use the code BATCH2 to get your first month free.

Batch Issue 1 Sponsors

Our inaugural issue of Batch was only possible because of these amazing sponsors.

Larry Nutt- Title Sponsor

Everyone has a go-to realtor, but not everyone has a go-to mortgage guy. Now you do! That’s Larry for us. Mortgages are messy and hard and complicated and expensive and not meant for us normal folks to understand. That’s where Larry came in. He was so kind, so thoughtful, so knowledgable, and so understanding of our weird circumstances. He may not be based in Indy anymore, but he still works in our market. Could not recommend enough!

2nd Street Creative

Ryan Hunley at 2nd Street Creative was the art director as well as a sponsor. Batch (and the Indianapolis Coffee Guide) would be NOWHERE without Ryan and his incredible talents.

Onyx + East

Onyx + East is a real estate developer and builder based here in Indianapolis. They build quality custom homes in awesome neighborhoods. We even eventually landed in an O+E home ourselves, and we couldn’t be happier!

12 Stars Media

12 Stars Media is a video production company based out of Noblesville. Their team produces amazing (and award-winning) work for their clients and for their community.

Katelin Koontz

Patrick and I are two grown men who are very accident-prone, so having Katelin as our go-to physical therapist over the years has been a MASSIVE blessing. She is incredibly knowledgeable and patient, which are both things we look for in health care providers.

Rew the Realtor

Listen, realtors are getting a little out of hand with their social media marketing and gimmicks. That’s why we liked working with Rew Van Wyck (who just so happens to be my mother-in-law). She comes from an art teacher background, so she approaches realty like teaching—empathetic, patient, and understanding.

High Calibre Construction

“OMG. I love your backsplash!” – anyone who has ever been to our house. Yeah, that was High Calibre Construction. They were also responsible for our front deck, our back deck, our bathroom remodel, our custom closet doors, our kitchen remodel, all of our tile, and just about everything else we had to fix in our quirky house that was built in the 1950s. Granted, this was in our old house before we bought a house from Onyx + East. All of the work HCC did massively increased our ROI when we sold out house.


Do you know how Bovaconti in Fountain Square always has really pretty custom to-go cups? Yeah, that’s InstantWhip. InstantWhip is a distributor here in Indy that provides many of our favorite coffee shops and restaurants with food and service products (like fancy custom to-go cups). They came highly recommended by many of our café friends, and it was a pleasure working with them on this issue.