The Indianapolis Coffee Guide exists for the community, and it would not exist without the amazing support of our partners and sponsors throughout the community. We partner in many ways with businesses outside of coffee who believe in the local coffee community as much as we do. I literally could not be doing this and creating all of this content without these folks.

I’m always giving coffee recommendations, so here are some local partners I also personally (and highly) recommend.

Transparency: Some of these may be affiliate links, and I will let you know when they are. It’s their way of giving back and supporting the Coffee Guide, but it in no way affects them being on this page. I’m including them because if you choose to support those local partners, you’re supporting the Indianapolis Coffee Guide, too!


Instagram: @heytactive

Tactive has become my go-to printing partner for basically all of my marketing and merch needs, and I know they are also trusted by many in the coffee community. They’ll be leading the charge for all future issues of Batch—printing, packaging, and some marketing—as well as all of my other random ideas: stickers, postcards, posters, shirts, custom packaging, and anything else I can dream up. They constantly listen to my wild ideas while helping me dream up new ones and how to bring them to life.

Tactive is over in Riverside, and they are dedicated to supporting and uplifting small businesses in Indy because that is exactly what they are. Let me know if you’d like an introduction, and I’d be happy to connect you!

Gravesco Pottery

Website: [affiliate link]
Instagram: @Gravesco

Listen, the Anti-Fascist Coffee Club mug project was not the ideal kick-off collab with Gravesco Pottery, but here we are!

Meeting Rebecca Prowse, the founder & owner of Gravesco, was one of those moments where I instantly fell in love with her vibe and her vigor. She is an artist and she is a giver, and it is apparent in the way she carries herself and the way she speaks to everyone she meets. I have admired her work for a long time, as have many coffee folks in the community, so the stars truly aligned when we got coffee that first time. Besides loving local coffee, she is a fervent supporter of the community, shopping small, and advocating for everyone. (You can tell why we get along so well.)

Partnering with Rebecca & Gravesco for the Anti-Fascist Coffee Club mugs was invigorating and impactful as we raised a lot of money for the ACLU of Indiana and the Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council.

If you’re a business of any kind and you’re looking for amazing local pottery for your store, for gifts, or for custom branding projects, I can not recommend Gravesco enough. As always, I’m happy to introduce you! I guarantee you’ll fall in love with Rebecca and her team.

Batch Issue 1 Sponsors

Our inaugural issue of Batch was only possible because of the amazing sponsors