It’s that time of year for the annual Local Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide brought to you by the one-and-only Indianapolis Coffee Guide.

It may be “that time of year again” but nothing has been usual about this year. We may be completely adjusting how we buy gifts this year, but where we buy presents remains the same: local local LOCAL!

If you’re looking to support local coffee while bringing smiles to faces you love, I’ve put together the annual Local Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide. I mean, you can also clear your throat really loudly and pass this list onto anyone who might be buying YOU gifts this year. It really goes both ways, and we love to see that.

Local Coffee Apparel

You can only drink so much coffee in a day, but shirts and sweatshirts have no concept of time. Check out our top picks for wearing coffee swag.

Blue Mind: Good Coffee for Good People

Order Online

Hello, Comfort & Style! Our friends at Blue Mind Roasting have a line of awesome apparel with their awesome “Good Coffee for Good People” design. Everything can be ordered online.

Link: Shop — Blue Mind Roasting

Image: @lukejharris

Foundation Sweatshirts

In Store

Speaking of sweatshirts, have you seen the comfy sweatshirts at Foundation Coffee Company? Plus, they’re a non-profit so buying a sweatshirt ensures no kids go hungry.

Link: Foundation on Instagram

Tinker Coffee + Howl & Hide

Order Online or at Howl & Hide

You’re getting a super sneak peek at a beautiful line of locally made leather goods that were dyed using Tinker Coffee. I mean, what? These wallets, coasters, and key fobs are ideal for literally anyone. Check em out. Orders will be going live the Week of December 7! AND Tinker just announced a collab with WDRFA. Are they a lifestyle brand now? (I hope so!)

Link: Howl + Hide (will update this when they’re available)

No More Bad Coffee Shirts


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention these awesome new shirts from the fine folks at the Indianapolis Coffee Guide… wait. That’s me! There’s literally no shame in this flex. These new shirts are so comfy and have an awesome design by Parker McCullough [Dribbble | Instagram]. We also just added the original No More Bad Coffee design. Listen, people still DM me about how comfy these shirts are, so you are really doing a disservice by not ordering one for everyone you know. BONUS: If you order a shirt, you’ll be getting a discount on BATCH when it comes out early 2021.



Coffee & Equipment

Listen, if you are a serious coffee drinker — and I mean serious — there is really no limit to the amount of coffee equipment you can have. (Just ask my husband and our tiny kitchen 🙂 ) You can buy loads of brewing equipment AND locally roasted beans at most local shops, but these items we’re highlighting are for everyone.

Bovaconti Swag

In Store

Everyone has a preference of mug style from classic ceramic or stainless steel travel tumbler. Whether you’re buying for your SO or for yourself, Bovaconti has so many cool options with iconic designs that reflect their effortlessly cool design aesthetic.


Indie Coffee Roasters Coffee + Mug Combos

Online or In-Store

What do you get for the coffee lover who has everything? Freshly roasted local coffee beans and a sweet new mug in one package. This year Indie has put together a few coffee + mug combos that are super cool.

Link: Tumbler & Coffee Bundle | Indie Coffee Roasters

12 Days of Noble Coffee & Tea

Online or In-Store

On the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth day of Christmas, your true love gave to you: coffee from Noble Coffee & Tea. This year, our friends have introduced 12 Days of Noble Coffee, a gift set with nearly 100 cups of coffee, 4 cups of chai, and 4 cups of hot cocoa. I mean, really. What an amazing idea.

Link: 12 Days of Noble Coffee – Gift Set – Noble Coffee and Tea

Indy Coffee Box Subscription

LISTEN. I’VE BEEN SCREAMING ABOUT INDY COFFEE BOX FOR YEARS. It is the absolute best way to explore local coffee roasters without any effort on your part, so it’s perfect for you or as a gift. Indy Coffee Box delivers 1, 2, or 3 bags of freshly roasted local coffee to your doorstep every freakin’ month. And you can use the code GUIDEME at checkout to get a discount on your first box. What a steal.


Other Favorite Coffees Right Now

Bee Coffee Roasters Holiday Roasts

Tinker Coffee SnapChilled Cold Brew Cans

Circle Bev’s new Sparkling Protein

Board Games?

Maybe it’s just because we’re a big board game family, but one awesome idea is buying a board game (or more) from Hitherto Coffee & Gaming Parlour in Greenfield. They have SO MANY to choose from and you can stock up on coffee at the same time? It’s really good for any gift throughout the year. Do it!

Link: Hitherto Coffee & Gaming Parlour


Yeah, I said it. This isn’t coffee related really, but I recently worked with Solstice Floral, a local florist (artist?), for a photoshoot for Batch and wowowowow. I think buying flowers for people is going to be my ‘new thing.’

Link: Solstice Floral Design

Give Instead of Gift

If you have too many things like I do, you could also considering giving for the Holidays. There are a few on-going causes and campaigns I’m donating to this year.

Patachou Foundation

DYK that 1 in 5 children in Marion County don’t know when or where their meals outside of school will come from? Well, the Patachou Foundation exists to break that cycle of hunger in our community. Besides frequenting Foundation Coffee Company (whose profits go directly to the foundation), you can donate online and maybe even volunteer one day!

Link: The Patachou Foundation

Fountain Square TOGETHER

The Fountain Square TOGETHER initiative is raising money for local artists, organizations, parks, and businesses in need. ALL of the money raised goes directly to local initiatives specifically related to Fountain Square and its residents.

Link: Fountain Square TOGETHER

There You Have It!

These are the gifts I’m giving this year as I personally make the move to only shopping local. There are many more items out there at local cafes, and I encourage you to explore and find more of them for yourself. Keeping money in our communities is always important, and this year it’s more important than ever. Can’t wait to see what you all buy!

Header photo by @lukejharris on instagram