Brewing coffee with a Kalita Wave is one of my favorite methods of home brewing. The Kalita Wave itself is a fairly straightforward piece of equipment with the typical cone shape, a small handle, and a flat bottom with three holes, all made of stainless steel. Unlike a V60 that has one hole for water to flow through, the Kalita Wave’s flat bottom and three holes restrict the flow of water which gives you a little more leeway on your pouring and also gives the coffee longer to extract. It’s this forgiveness and ease of use that make it my daily go-to for brewing coffee.

Our friends at Tinker Coffee are masters of the Kalita Wave, and for the first issue of Batch, they shared the recipe they use at their roastery 99.9% of the time. It’s consistent, delicious, and easy to follow—what else do you need?

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This recipe first appeared in Batch Issue 1.

Tinker Coffee’s Kalita Wave Recipe


21 grams


360g at 205°F



Brew Time



Kalita Wave 185 (pictured)
Kalita Wave Filter
Gooseneck Kettle
Kitchen Scale


Pre-wet your filter with hot water, and then discard the water. Add grounds to filter and shake to level.


Tare your scale and start your timer.

0:00 Add 70g of water and let bloom for 0:40.
0:40 Fill to 145g. Start your pour around the edge of the filter and work towards the center in controlled, steady circles.
1:20 Fill to 220g. Gently swirl the dripper in a counterclockwise motion to settle the coffee into a nice, flat bed.
2:00 Fill to 295g.
2:30 Fill to 360g.

Allow the water to drip through completely, and gently tap the dripper up and down a few times on your brew vessel.

Flowers: Solstice Floral
Photo: Scott Soltys-Curry