Have you seen the latest issue of Indianapolis Monthly on newsstands?

October 2020 I was in the throws of working on the first issue of Batch (which is available for preorder here). While we were 10 months into the project, I was still very much so building the plane as I was flying it. I had never made a magazine; organized so many writers; taken, edited, and ordered so many photos; edited so much content; worked with other editors…it was an entirely new world that I was figuring out as I was going.

Then something serendipitous happened: three different people from Indianapolis Monthly, the Midwest’s biggest magazine, reached out asking for help on an upcoming coffee issue. Without batting an eye (or looking at my schedule), I agreed, and off we went!

Two months, many conversations, many revisions, and many cups of coffee later and THE ISSUE IS OUT! If you haven’t had the chance to snag a copy of Indianapolis Monthly, I went ahead and gathered some of the content that’s available online. Check em out and get HYPE for our own magazine that’s coming in a few short weeks.

Working with the team at Indianapolis Monthly was such an incredible experience and was a professional and personal dream come true. Not only did I meet some incredible people, I learned so many invaluable lessons that have taken Batch to a whole new level—most definitely thanks to help from IM Editor, Megan Fernandez. (Hey, Megan!)

Make sure to snag a copy of Indianapolis Monthly and be sure to preorder the very first issue of Batch! We’re doing a small run, so quantities are limited!

A Peek Inside the Issue

A Roundtable With Indianapolis’ Coffee Leaders An insider conversation featuring some of the biggest names in local coffee, including yours truly, discussing how the pandemic has forced the local coffee scene to adapt and what they’ve learned from each other.

The Most Exciting Coffee Roasters In Indianapolis This list highlights some of the city’s best coffee roasters and some of the cool things they’re doing with coffee.

Indy’s Most Buzzworthy Coffee Specialty drink lovers unite! This list of the TOP 73 coffee drinks to try in Indianapolis has something for literally everyone.

How to Order Coffee Like a Barista IM Editors sat down with our friend Courtney Thompson, mastermind behind Indy’s newest roaster, Certain Feelings, to talk about how to order coffee like a professional.

PODCAST: Scott Soltys-Curry on The Monthly Weekly It was an honor to be a guest on one of my favorite podcasts of all time. Check it out here or on your favorite podcast platform.