Indianapolis is a huge city—the 15th largest in the country, to be exact—and there is so much I love about living here. When I moved here in 2011, I didn’t know much about the city, but I slowly started to fall in love with it as I explored all of the diverse communities and neighborhoods that make Indianapolis what it is.

I partnered with our friends at Maywright Property Co. here in Indianapolis to explore these different neighborhoods, what makes them unique, and what the local coffee says about each of them. Maywright was a sponsor for Batch Issue 2, but they’ve always been great friends to Indianapolis and me. They are an exceptional Indianapolis real estate brokerage serving clients and central Indiana neighborhoods like these. They’re fully local and women-owned, too. I’ve loved working with Maywright as sponsors for Batch, and I cannot recommend them enough to anyone looking to plant (or replant) their roots in any of these amazing neighborhoods.

Historic Fountain Square

Fletcher Place: the heart of the city

Fletcher Place is one of Indianapolis’s oldest and most historically rich communities. You won’t find skyscrapers or gated properties—that’s not the vibe. It’s a neighborhood and a community that prefers sidewalks and bike trails to corporate chains and big box stores. Residents of Fletcher Place love the intimate feel the neighborhood provides while still being in the heart of the city.

One of the incredible local businesses providing sustaining energy to Fletcher Place is Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company. Named after the neighborhood’s namesake, this local favorite is the perfect spot for all walks of life. Calvin Fletcher’s has been devoted to the community since they opened, and the café team provides many resources for all. Notably, they also manage and run the Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company Foundation, which collects and donates money to smaller local non-profits that focus on the surrounding community.

These reasons and many more are just parts of what makes Fletcher Place special.

Families enjoying the Monon in Broad Ripple

SoBro: comfortable & traditional

It’s hard to talk about living in Indianapolis without mentioning Broad Ripple and its popular sister neighborhood SoBro (you know, ‘South Broad Ripple’). This neighborhood is home to bungalows and traditional American homes that welcome families of all sizes and from all walks of life.

Among the handful of local coffee shops in Broad Ripple and SoBro is Gold Leaf Savory & Sweet, a local-favorite café known for its tasty local coffee and delicious house-made treats. Gold Leaf is one of those cozy and eclectic coffee shops that makes its own rules and, in doing so, creates a comfortable and welcoming environment that reflects the community it supports.

Residents of SoBro love its proximity to Broad Ripple, downtown, and the north side. The abundance of neighborhood parks and proximity to the Monon Trail keep residents enjoying and exploring the outdoors. There’s a lot to love and a lot to explore.


Meridian-Kessler: hip yet historic 

Did you know Meridian Street is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is revered as “One of America’s Great Streets”? Running from the heart of downtown all the way up through Carmel, Meridian St offers a ton of character and many diverse neighborhoods, including the lush neighborhood of Meridian-Kessler.

Though Meridian-Kessler is mostly residential, a few pockets of hip local spots give this neighborhood a lot of its life. Hubbard & Cravens is a popular local coffee roaster with a few cafés around the city, and their space at 49th St and Pennsylvania Avenue is a local treasure. This café is tucked away, much like Meridian-Kessler tends to be, but when you’re there, it’s cozy and warm to residents and visitors alike. The Hubbard & Cravens team is always so friendly and accommodating to everyone, which is probably why the space is always full of diverse coffee & tea drinkers—families, business folks, students from nearby Butler, first dates, busy parents grabbing snacks for their little ones, and so many others.

Meridian-Kessler is one of those dream neighborhoods that offers something for everyone, which is why so many people call it home.

Garfield Park: welcoming & colorful

Garfield Park is another historically rich and culturally diverse neighborhood in Indianapolis that has been on everyone’s lips in the last few years. Though it has always been home to Indianapolis staples like the Garfield Park Conservatory and the actual Garfield Park itself, we’ve also seen many wildly successful local spots pop up over the last few years. One of our favorites is Helm Coffee Roasters.

Jillion Potter at Helm Coffee Roasters in Garfield Park

Helm Coffee Roasters is a newer name in the Indianapolis coffee scene. Still, owner Jillion Potter has already made a big name for herself (and I’m not even talking about her time as the captain of the US Women’s Olympic Rugby team). Helm is meticulous when it comes to the coffee they roast and serve, and their space is a much-needed addition to the neighborhood. The café hours are untraditional because they focus on roasting first, but the space they’ve created for the community is as welcoming as it is colorful.

“Welcoming and colorful” is also how you could describe Garfield Park. It hosts some of Indy’s most beautiful outdoor spaces, the homes are full of personality and character, and the residents are eclectic and full of heart. 

Irvington: cultural & historic 

Heading east on Washington Street will land you in Irvington, a historic neighborhood just outside of downtown known for its cultural and historic vibes. The heartbeat of Irvington is driven by its romantic and winding streets, historic homes and stories, and local treasures like Jackamo’s Pizza, George Thomas Florist, the Irvington Library, and another of our favorite local cafés: Landlocked Baking Co.

Landlocked Baking Company is one of those magical places that has something for everyone. As you probably know by now, Landlocked is part of local Small Victories Hospitality Group, which also gives us Coat Check, Provider, and Chalet, so you know they’ve got some of the best lattes and coffee in the city. The unique thing about Landlocked is that it is the heart of Small Victories—they make all the pastries and drink sauces for the other locations. While the pastry menu at the other cafés might be limited, the menu at Landlocked is quite the opposite. It’s full of sweets and treats AND a full brunch menu.

Irvington has always set itself apart with its diverse residents and eclectic local businesses—so many reasons to fall in love with this east-side community.

The Feast of Lanterns on the Near Eastside

The Near Eastside: unique & community-driven

The Near Eastside, on the other hand, is a bit closer to downtown and has introduced Indianapolis to a handful of new experiences over the last few years. Just east of downtown on 10th Street, the Near Eastside is a smaller, more intimate neighborhood of businesses and residents who cherish their identity as an established but forward-thinking community.

Rabble Coffee has long been a Near Eastside staple. Though ownership has seen some recent changes, the influences of Rabble on the community have remained the same. Over the years, they’ve served fantastic coffee, but they also focus on giving back to the community by providing a safe space for patrons, community groups, activists, pop-ups, and anyone who needs any sort of solace.

While Rabble is a special and unique place, their values echo throughout the community and perfectly reflect what it means to live and shop in the Near Eastside.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Speedway: traditional & innovative

Speedway is another classic Indianapolis neighborhood growing at record speeds. Just west of downtown down 16th Street, Speedway has long been home to a healthy fleet of local businesses that keep this part of town running.

The Spark Coffeehouse is one local business that keeps Speedway buzzing. This newer local café provides delicious local coffees and treats in a comfortable environment that feels new but also knows its community roots. It is the perfect reflection of Speedway in those aspects because it is rooted in Indianapolis tradition but keeps itself relevant as it continues to grow.

Residents of Speedway love being part of Indianapolis’s history and tradition. A quaint main street full of local businesses like The Spark adds charm and quality of life for these Westsiders. We also see a lot of innovation sparking in Speedway, which is something we’re excited to keep track of. 

Finding your neighborhood & community

There’s no wrong approach to finding your neighborhood. To me, the best way to discover all of Indy’s diverse communities is to explore their local coffee shops and how they reflect their communities. Local coffee shops have long been beacons of communities, and Indianapolis’s neighborhoods are perfect examples of this coming to life.

One last huge thank you to Maywright Property Co. for exploring Indianapolis with me.

If you’re ready to explore new neighborhoods for you and your family, I’d happily recommend connecting you with one of my friends at Maywright. You can check out their stories and what they’re about on their website——or I’d be happy to send an introduction message for you.

Neighborhood images provided by Maywright Property Co. ❤️