Coat Check Coffee’s rise to the top of Indy’s coffee scene was no easy feat, even with Indy’s coffee Zues Neal Warner at the helm with his brother and sister-in-law by his side – Paul & Audreyalice. But damn, they made it look easy.

Now, just two years after Coat Check’s official opening in the old coat check at the Athenaeum, the bad-ass team is back again, this time under the name Provider, Indy’s newest and hottest spot for coffee and long drinks (more on those in a minute).

One of Neal’s innate strengths is knowing what people want, even when they don’t know it. And Provider is no exception to this superpower. Except for this time, they’re on the first floor on the Tinker House Event Space right at 16th Street & the Monon. And it should go without saying, but Neal has really outdone himself here.

The Space

The Tinker House has quickly risen to one of the hottest event spaces in Indy for all kinds of gatherings – not to mention that it’s also the newest home of Hotel Tango’s second distillery.

The building is historic in its own rights, and Neal definitely used that to his advantage. Using loads of exposed brick, polished brass, bushing greens, tall windows, and even taller ceilings, the space is breathtaking.

And you can thank Neal for that, too. He designed nearly every inch of the space by himself – with a little help from the talented team at Flatland Kitchen – even though he’s way too humble to take the credit.

The Coffee

I’m happy to report that coffee drinkers can expect the same stellar coffee menu that we’ve grown to love over the last two years at Coat Check. There are a few adjustments here and there to accommodate for the space, but everything is the same high-quality coffee.

The biggest difference in the coffee is the addition of beans from Ruby Coffee from Wisconsin. Neal has had his eye on Ruby for a long time, and I know he’s excited to introduce Ruby to Indy, alongside the same stellar beans from Tinker we all know and love.

The Long Drinks

“A tall, refreshing cocktail—usually fizzy. A patio sipper.”

That’s the Provider definition.

Like everything about Provider, the adult beverage menu is extremely well-curated with a list of refreshingly concocted cocktails that may seem simple but are complex in flavor. You’ll see drinks you recognize – like a gin spritzer or daiquiri – but with refreshing new twists, new twists that actually bring the cocktails closer to their original roots.

Alongside the long drinks, you’ll find a short beer and wine list that are curated (there’s that word again) to take the guesswork out of what to order. By keeping the list small, Neal & the team are able to offer wine and beer they are really excited about, similarly to how they only offer a small selection of different coffee beans.

Everything on the menu is delicious, and if you’re still having a hard time deciding what to order, just ask for the ‘dealer’s choice,’ and you won’t be disappointed.

The Food

Yes, I just said food, and I mean real food, too. Obviously, Provider is bringing you the same fancy coffee house pastries and sweets that we’ve come to crave from Coat Check, and the addition of a killer food menu makes Provider that much sweeter.

Neal’s focus on using hyper-local ingredients means the menu is constantly as fresh as it can be – we’re talking house-made jams, Amelia’s Bread, local meats, super fresh veggies… I’m starving now. Local ingredients also means you can expect an ever-evolving menu with fresh and exciting options (alongside menu staples like avocado toast).

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In Conclusion

I mean, in conclusion, what else do you need to know? Provider is practically perfect in every way, and I’d like to spend every waking moment there. It’s that good.

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God speed, friends.