I am beyond excited to announce that digital editions of Issues 1 & 2 of our magazine, Batch, are officially available for download on BatchMag.com and also on Amazon Kindle and Apple Books!

Batch is our love letter to the amazing local coffee community in Indy, and I can’t believe we get to spread these important stories in such new ways and on such huge platforms.

Where to get Batch magazine

We still have several print copies of Batch available at BatchMag.com, but now we have digital editions of both issues available! Ordering directly from our website is the best way to support the Indianapolis Coffee Guide and you get the most bang for your buck.

Download now:

  1. Batch, Issue 1
  2. Batch, Issue 2

When you purchase directly from us, you receive two digital copies of the magazine: a PDF file that is the full-fledged magazine in all of its glory plus an .epub file that is structured to import into your favorite e-reader (like your Kindle or any ebook apps). ePub files are super weird because they need to be formatted in such a way that is accessible to an infinite number of devices, but it’s also awesome because it just makes these stories that much more accessible.

Your favorite ebook stores

Besides downloading directly from us, you can also officially download both issues of Batch directly from your favorite ebook stores—Amazon Kindle and Apple Books.

Having Batch in these stores was kinda weird at first, but doing so increases the visibility and accessibility of the amazing stories in the magazines, and I’ll take that as a win!

Apple Books:

  1. Batch, Issue 1
  2. Batch, Issue 2

Kindle store:

  1. Batch, Issue 1
  2. Batch, Issue 2

Like I said, having Batch available in these stores is kinda weird, but you know what? I think it’s actually pretty awesome. The files you need for these stores are very specific and weird, and it is a huge milestone to be accepted and available. If there are other ebook stores you’d like to see Batch in, shoot me an email or a DM on Instagram.

Batch is also in the Indianapolis Public Library!

If you didn’t hear the news, both issues of Batch are also now available to checkout at TWENTY different branches of the Indianapolis Public Library, which is a huge milestone and accomplishment. You can read all about it and find your nearest IPL branch by reading our blog. Working with the freakin’ library has been an absolute dream, and it is an honor to be in their permanent collection!

We love local coffee

Honestly, this whole ride of publishing Batch has been the wildest dream to have come true, and having it available in the library and online are dreams I never even knew to consider! I can’t thank you all enough for your support in all that we do to uplift the amazing local coffee shops and roasters in this amazing city of ours.

I’m excited to offer this content in new and exciting ways, and I’m excited to keep doing such cool things with you. Appreciate you now and forever!