Coffee shops, traditionally, are known as hubs for gathering and community.  And Indy’s cafes are shining examples of this.

Over the last three years, the coffee community here in Indy has overwhelmed me with hospitality and warmth, and I know that I am no exception to this. These folks have become my friends. And they helped me take this tiny little side project and turn it into a thriving guide to help EVERYONE explore & discover the local coffee community.

It has come to my attention that the owner of a local coffee shop I have featured a lot has made some very, very unsportsmanlike business decisions over the last few years that, to be honest, are pretty gross. And these actions violate everything I know to be good and true about communities (and humanity). These actions were a gross attempt to undermine other local coffee shops (and friends) and to trick coffee drinkers, like you and me, into his shop instead.

It’s gross, but it’s not my story to tell.

The Coffee Guide will continue to support and uplift the local coffee community here in Indy, and in doing so, the Coffee Guide will only support and feature local coffee shops that bear the same values of community.

In the end, make your own decisions, and be good, people.

Cheers, friends.