1411 Roosevelt Ave,
Indianapols IN 46201


Rotating local roasters


Cafe, Alcohol, Food, Pastries, Open Late, Dog-Friendly, and Working Space

North Mass Boulder is a membership-based gym, but Top Out Café is completely open to the public!

About Top Out Café

Top Out Café is located inside—upstairs on the mezzanine—of North Mass Boulder, one of Indy’s coolest rock climbing community gyms. While North Mass Boulder is a membership-based gym, Top Out is completely open to the public!

There’s a lot to love about Top Out Café inside North Mass Boulder. For starters, the vibes are super unique. The folks behind NMB are some of the coolest people you will ever meet. They have created a really inviting and vibrant community that is welcome to literally everyone, which is a departure for a lot of rock-climbing gyms I’ve been to. It really is a space for the community, and Top Out is a huge part of that.

The space at Top Out is also spectacular. There is SO MUCH ROOM and so many different seating options that make it perfect for quite literally any kind of coffee meetup you’re having. They’ve got big community tables for being heads down on work, they’ve got comfy seating galore for hanging out and relaxing, and they even have private office rooms to grab for more important meetings. There’s a ton of natural light at all hours, the building itself is super cool, the vibes from the rock climbing spill over into the café, and it’s just really cool.

Okay, so let’s talk about the coffee. Top Out is much more than the coffee, but we’ll start there. They really care about what they’re doing with coffee, which means they’ve constantly evolving and trying new things. We love to see it. That means they regularly rotate (local) roasters and are always making sure their drinks are dialed in. They’ve typically got cold brew on tap, fresh coffee brewed, and an adventurous specialty drink menu.

That’s just the tip of the menu. They are also a full-fledged café with smoothies, tons of fresh food, and a pretty sweet alcohol menu.

Those are just a few of the things we love about Top Out Café inside North Mass Boulder.

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