Downtown and Riverside


1220 Waterway Blvd,
Indianapolis IN 46202


Tinker Coffee


Cafe, Food, Pastries, and Working Space

About Tinker Coffee

One of Indy’s most notable roasters is serving fresh coffee, lattes, and delicious food & pastries inside The Amp, Indy’s newest industrial complex turned local market. It’s honestly everything we’ve always loved about Tinker Coffee and so much more.

The Amp is a really cool space offering dozens of local food & beverage spots inside one marketplace. 16 Tech was once the Indianapolis water treatment facility and has since been revamped, revitalized, and reimagined, turning this Riverside locale into a beautiful new pocket of town.

Though not technically Tinker’s first café, it’s their first café that doesn’t require a boarding pass to visit. Inside The Amp, there is plenty of seating at all different kinds of tables, and there are so many food options surrounding them that, honestly, we don’t ever really have to leave.

Our friends at Tinker Coffee are masters of their craft, and the care they bring into this café front is just another extension of their art. They care about everyone that comes through, and it really shows in the conversations they have, the treats they offer, and the way they prepare their drinks.

Scott Recommends

My dog and I walk by The Amp nearly every morning on our walk because it’s right around the corner of our house, so I’m a master at the Tinker menu. One thing I love is that they offer two different drip coffee options: approachable and adventurous. Their approachable option is always a really solid, standard coffee that tastes great to everyone. Their adventurous option is my personal favorite. On their adventurous menu, they rotate in some of their more fun roasts that come through the roaster. They brew really fun roasts that may not be for everyone, but they are definitely for anyone.

They do also offer a small selection of signature drinks, and they also craft those masterfully. I know personally that they don’t include anything on the menu until they’ve extensively tested and tested their recipes to make sure they are perfect. So if you want something a little more fun than traditional drip—though I’d argue drip coffee can be really fun—any of their signature drinks are out-of-this-world delicious.

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