3967 N Illinois St,
Indianapolis IN 46208


Loose Leaf Tea + Black Coffee from Atlanta


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About Tea's Me: Tarkington

The Tea’s Me Community Café at Tarkington Park is a sight to behold! This loose leaf tea café is massive and framed in by large, inviting windows.

Like their café on 22nd St, they offer amazing loose leaf teas from around the world that can be enjoyed hot or iced or taken home to brew as you please. There is so much seating—inside and out—that is perfect for getting work done, hanging with the kiddos, sitting down for some lunch, or just grabbing some tea on the way to work. The food menu is so good, and you also can’t beat the ice cream.

Besides offering up some of the best loose leaf tea in Indianapolis, the Tea’s Me crew focuses on the community just as much outside of the café as they do inside. They leverage this location to really give back to the community in a lot of big ways, like partnering with the nearby MLK Center and the park for many ongoing philanthropy projects.

Philanthropy and community advocacy are huge pieces of the Tea’s Me mission, which is driven by the team and the café’s owner, Tamika Catchings. Yes, that Tamika Catchings—the WNBA Hall-of-Famer and 4x Olympic gold medalist.

The café is part of the renovated Tarkington Park and is a really, really cool spot to hang out. They also have a second location: the original Tea’s Me Café on 22nd St.

Scott Recommends

We are always taking home tins of the Vanilla Rooibos, Honeybush, and Sparkling Wine herbal teas. We also like to order the Early Grey black tea, the Japanese Cherry green tea, and the Raspberry Champagne white tea.

Everyone has different tea preferences, and lots of teas are great for different things. The Tea’s Me team is always happy to help find the perfect tea(s) for you, and they also offer free smells of their teas, which is just another reason for you to stop into either of their cafés.

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