4800 Smith Valley Road,
Greenwood IN 46142


Julian Coffee


Cafe, Food, Pastries, WorkingSpace, and BikeRack

About Strange Brew

Strange Brew Coffee in Greenwood, IN, is just that—strange. I mean that in the absolute best way imaginable, and so do they. This quirky and weird café is tucked away down in Greenwood and is a must if you’re in the area. The café has plenty of seating and a robust menu to please the masses.

One thing I super love about this café is the family who runs it: Tony and Dan Carr. They care about their community, and they show it in a lot of ways. They show it in how they greet their customers. They show it in the safe community space they’ve created. They show it in they listen to their customers and provide amazing experiences for them.

Strange Brew is, in fact, one of the least pretentious cafés you’ll ever find, and there’s just something about their charm that is just so lovable.

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