337 Jersey St,
Westfield IN 46074


Roasted In-House


Cafe, Food, Pastries, Patio, WorkingSpace, and BikeRack

About Rivet Coffee

Rivet Coffee is the perfect coffee shop in Westfield, IN, that opened in May 2021!

If ‘Rivet’ sounds familiar, that’s because they’ve been roasting in Indy for a few years now, and they really just knocked it out of the park with their new space. Everything inside and outside of the café was meticulously designed and built by owner Chris and the Rivet team, which is part of the reason why it is so beautiful. Everything in the space has a purpose and an origin, and it’s just really so lovely to experience.

Rivet roasts their coffee with a beautiful blend of science and intuition, and I’ve always been a huge fan of their beans. Now that they’re brewing the coffee themselves for us, the flavors have been taken to a new level. I’ve been sipping on their nitro cold brew (the red honey processed is amazing), their pour-overs (can you believe they engineered that automatic pour-over machine themselves?), and the drip coffee.

I’ve known Chris, the owner of Rivet, for a while, and he is incredibly passionate about coffee and extremely detail-oriented. For those reasons (and so many more), I’m so excited to welcome them to the Indianapolis Coffee scene and for you all to have the same experiences as me.

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