Quills Coffee

By April 27, 2016

Quills Coffee


335 West 9th St
Indianaoilis IN 46202


Cafe, Pastries, and Working Space



About Quills Coffee

Nestled on the bottom floor of an apartment building on the Downtown Canal, Quills Coffee in Indianapolis provides an extremely comfortable atmosphere that is great for working, reading, hanging out, getting school work done, and business meetings.

I know I say that all of the cafes on the Coffee Guide have great coffee (and I mean that), but Quills is one of the absolute best. If you know anything about Specialty Coffee™, then Quills is where you want to be. If it tells you anything, this is the shop that most of the professional baristas in the city hang out at on their days off. It’s that good.

The most notable thing for me about Quills is that it is the place (besides Tinker) that I learned the most about coffee. The staff at Quills is meticulously trained, and they are all just so passionate about coffee—so much that it spills out into everything they do. I tell the story a lot that the first real shot of espresso I ever had was at Quills Indianapolis and it tasted like blueberry syrup. I will genuinely never forget that experience.

What I’m trying to say is, you have to go to Quills Coffee downtown Indianapolis. It’s basically a Saturday tradition now that my husband and I go down every Saturday, grab coffee, and then walk the canal. It’s honestly perfect.

Quills coffee is roasted in Louisville, KY.