849 Massachusetts Ave,
Indianapolis IN 46204


Good Folks Coffee (Kentucky)


Cafe, Food, and Pastries

About Please & Thank You

Shoooo boy. There is so much to say about Please & Thank You opening up a café in Indianapolis, so let’s get right to it!

Backstory: First, Please & Thank You is being featured on the Indianapolis Coffee Guide even though it is technically Louisville based because opening up a café in Indy is more of a homecoming than an expansion. The owners of Please & Thank You are actually from Indy, grew up here, and even worked at local coffee shops. The original plan was to open up P&TY in Indy, but at the time, Louisville was a much better place to open up a small business because of incentives, etc. So now they’re back home! Okay, onto the goodness.

Like I said, there’s a lot to say about Indy’s Please & Thank You café, so here’s what you can expect: great coffee, the best chocolate chip cookies, and rock n roll.

P&TY partners with Good Folks Coffee in Kentucky for their beans, and they specifically created a roast of coffee that is meant to pair perfectly with their amazing chocolate chip cookies. Their drip coffee is amazing, their espresso is great, and all of the drinks are delicious.

SPEAKING OF COOKIES, I could write a dissertaion on their chocolate chip cookies, but there are better folks for that (and plenty of articles have already been written about them). Just know that their cookies are worth the trip. Another pro-tip: you can also buy their mix to make them at home. I will also say, don’t waste your time pestering their baristas for the cookie recipe—it is locked up pretty tightly.

Oh, and the RockNRoll? Yeah. Please and Thank You likes to crank the music at all hours to create a fun and upbeat environment. There also isn’t a ton of room inside the café, so it’s not gonna be the best place to take a meeting or get some work done. But that’s okay, because there are plenty of other local coffee shops to work from in Indy. Every shop serves a different purpose!

We have to talk about decaf. You all know that I love decaf, and I know a lot of you are on different journeys with decaf and caffeine. Please & Thank You proudly boasts that they don’t serve decaf. Logistically, I know that most cafés take a hit by offering decaf because not enough of us order it. But it’s also a little bit part of their rock n roll brand. Do I wish they had decaf? Absolutely! Do I think they’re going to have it anytime soon? I doubt it. But that’s also okay.

Scott Recommends

Honestly, everything is good at Please & Thank You. Like I mentioned about the coffee, it is roasted to perfectly pair with their chocolate chip cookies, and it really, really does. So get whatever you want to drink because it’s all good, but you have to promise me to get at least one chocolate chip cookie.

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