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Tinker Coffee


Cafe, Pastries, and WorkingSpace

About MOTW Coffee

Most of us dream about making the world a better place. For some, they make it their lives’ missions to impact the world in much, much bigger ways. And that’s what our friends at MOTW are doing—literally changing the world.

Located on 38th St just west of Lafayette Road, MOTW Coffee is a new community-driven coffeehouse supporting the non-profit Muslims of the World which seeks to give a voice to Muslims around the world one story at a time.

MOTW is seeking to create a safe and welcoming space for anyone who has ever been marginalized or oppressed, and I can already see that in action. On my first visit to MOTW, there were a handful of people who look like me (you know, white folks toting MacBooks), but there were also multi-generational families from Yemen, Pakistan, and several countries in Africa.

While they’re still adapting and growing, the small but mighty team reflects this commitment to the community. The baristas and bakers come from many different backgrounds and places and collectively speak 12 languages in hopes they can connect with as wide of an audience as possible.

Sajjad, the owner, and his team have already created such a beautiful space and have done so with such happiness and kindness. I was able to spend some time there last week, and I am just so blown away by the impact they are already having. I’m excited to see how they continue to grow.

Coffee details: MOTW has teamed up with @tinkercoffee to serve us exceptional coffee, but their PASTRIES… I mean. I could (and might) write a whole blog post just about the pastries.

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