12761 Old Meridian St,
Carmel IN 46032


Tinker Coffee


Cafe, Pastries, Open Late, and Working Space

About MOTW Carmel

It is absolutely no secret that we love MOTW Coffee & Pastries, so it obviously brings us GREAT JOY that they recently opened up their fourth location in Carmel on Old Meridian St across from Meijer.

MOTW’s new Carmel location brings everything we love about MOTW into a big, bright, and beautiful new space. (I think it’s their biggest location? Don’t fact-check me on that. Okay, maybe fact-check me on that.)

We love MOTW for so many things. Their coffee is great. Their pastries are out-of-this-world. Most importantly, their community is incredible. I don’t know how they find the coffee folks that they do, but they find and hire the most amazing people. They also really, really care about their communities, and that is reflected in everything they do.

Let’s be honest, Carmel could use more local coffee shops, and MOTW is quite literally the perfect addition to this community.

Scott Recommends

You know I love the Yemini chai at MOTW, and that’s the drink I typically order. They really do everything well, but they especially do a great job with their specialty lattes.

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