120 S Audubon Rd,
Indianapolis IN 46219


Certain Feelings


Cafe, Food, Pastries, and Patio

About Landlocked

Landlocked Baking Company in Irvington is a little slice of heaven that is offered to us by our friends at Small Victories Hospitality. As the Coat Check Coffee empire grew into Provider and others, it became clear that a bigger, better solution would be needed to make sure all of the Small Vicky’s shops had stellar and consistent baked goods: enter Landlocked.

Landlocked Baking Company was born to produce all of the amazing savory & sweet treats for the Small Victories shops from one central location. And as long as they would be baking there, it only made sense to open a storefront and serve up amazing coffee along with all of the baked goods. So yes, you can find your favorite treats from Coat Check, Provider, and Chalet, but they also have a list of Landlocked-specific goods that you can’t get anywhere else. Around special holidays, they also provide pies, cakes, and all sorts of fanciful delectables that are only available for limited times.

You know how you can get the same perfect pistachio latte at all of the shops? You can thank Landlocked for that. All of the syrups and things required to make our favorite specialty lattes come from this mad-science kitchen. It’s just another reason why these are some of my favorite coffee shops in Indianapolis.

Scott Recommends

Since 2017, I haven’t shut up about the amazing coffees and lattes at Coat Check & Provider, and Landlocked is obviously no exception. They serve up an almost-identical menu (sometimes they try fun new things), so you know you can’t go wrong. My fave will forever be the pistachio latte (with oat milk), but you also can’t go wrong with the butterscotch or ginger lattes. UGH. So, so good.

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