525 N End Dr Suite 120,
Carmel IN 46032


Indie Coffee Roasters


Cafe, Pastries, Dog-Friendly, Patio, WorkingSpace, BikeRack, and Specialty

About Indie Coffee Roasters

Indie Coffee Roaster’s new location in the North End Apartments in Carmel is a sight to behold! Being in the lobby of the complex is such a cool and unique opportunity that gives Indie so much room to play with.

Behind the beautiful counter (which has plenty of outlets, btw!), the Indie Coffee staff is as helpful as ever. I’ve always loved how intention they are about how they treat every conversation with every guest, and this new location is no different.

While the baristas are top notch, the space is also worth writing about. Because the café is in the lobby of the North End Apartments, it is one of the most spacious coffee shops in Indianapolis with so much seating variety. There is plenty of space at the counter (always my favorite spot), plenty of café tables, a bar along the window to sit at, a handful of restaurant-style private booths, and so much outdoor space.

As a fun bonus, they also share part of the space with La Petit Gâteau, which is the amazing bakery behind the delicious pastries we’ve been enjoying at Indie’s Main Street café all these years. It’s a beautiful match made in heaven.

Scott Recommends

Indie Coffee Roasters has always been obsessed with the coffees they roast and serve. My favorite thing to order at any of their cafés is whatever pour over option the baristas are recommending. They always have a nice variety to explore. Of course, they also always have a top-notch specialty drink menu that rotates throughout the seasons that offers some amazing drinks.

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