Hubbard & Cravens 49th & Penn

By January 18, 2016

Hubbard & Cravens 49th & Penn

Broad Ripple and Meridian Kessler

4930 N Pennsylvania St
Indianapolis IN 46205


Cafe, Food, Pastries, Patio, and Working Space


Roasted just down the street.

About Hubbard & Cravens

The Hubbard & Cravens in Meridian Kessler at 49th & Penn is my favorite Hubbard & Cravens location, so let me tell you why. (Also, hi Kristin!)

The area at 49th & Penn is already super adorable — this little pocket community with a local hardware store, a gas station, a dry cleaner’s, a workout studio, a Cafe Patachou (and alike). And the H&C fits right in.

Walking into this H&C always makes me feel super comfortable. There is so much comfortable seating inside and out. The coffee counter (and food case) is as long as the building. And there’s just always a lot going on. Plenty of small families are grabbing drinks & treats. An assortment of Butler students are studying with headphones in. There are ALWAYS some grandparents reading a newspaper (remember those?) and probably doing the crossword puzzle. And, of course, there is a constant flow of all kinds of people grabbing drinks to-go. (Oh, and there’s always a puppy on the patio during the summer.)