25 W Georgia Street,
Indianapolis IN 46225


In-House Blend of Local Roasts


Cafe and Pastries

About Georgia Street Grind

Georgia Street Grind is efficient, to the point, and just… perfect. This tiny little cafe (coffee counter?) is tucked right on Georgia Street, “Downtown Indy’s Hometown Hangout.” Whether you’re walking to work, out-and-about shopping, attending an event, or just hanging out on Georgia Street, pop in to grab some coffee (the cold brew is amazing) and get on about your day.

Georgia Street Grind was the original brainchild of Justin Jones (who is now also responsible for Bovaconti Coffee in Fountain Square).

Justin used to work an unfulfilling job in Corporate America™ and didn’t get to spend enough time with his family. So he did something about it and pursued a long-time passion of his: coffee.

Now, Justin gets to spend more time with his family, AND he and his team have created two amazing community-driven spaces. It’s a real Cinderella story where Corporate America™ is the evil step-mom, Justin is Cinderella, and we’re all the happy mice. That analogy makes sense, right? 🙂

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