22 E 22nd St,
Indianapolis IN 46202


Tinker Coffee & Helm Coffee


Cafe, Alcohol, Food, Pastries, Patio, WorkingSpace, and BikeRack

About Gather 22

Welcome to Gather 22 in Indianapolis, a new gathering space that is part coffee shop and part restaurant & bar.

Located at the corner of 22nd St and Pennsylvania, Gather 22 is a gorgeous space reborn out of a well-loved building that has seen many stories and lives over the years. Now, it is a coffee shop by day and social gathering place by night with a growing food & beverage menu as well as lots of social events.

There’s a lot to love about Gather 22, and it all starts with the owners—Adam and Pablo. The two of them care so much about the community surrounding Gather 22, and it shows through how thoughtful they are about everything they do—from the coffee they serve and the amazing food menu to the social programming and events they host.

We love Gather 22, and we are so grateful to have them as part of the amazing Indianapolis coffee community.

Scott Recommends

You can’t go wrong with Tinker Coffee or Helm, so the entire coffee menu at Gather 22 is bangin’. They care about their drip coffee a lot, so it’s a safe place for that. I also tend to find myself trying out their specialty lattes—like the Herron-Morton—because they do a great job with them.

The space at Gather 22 is gorgeous, the Wi-Fi is fast, and there are plenty of outlets. I also highly recommend working from Gather 22 any chance you get.

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