111 E 16th St STE 101,
Indianapolis IN 46202


Tinker Coffee


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About Dream Palace

It is my distinct honor to introduce you to our friends at Dream Palace Books & Coffee!

Dream Palace is a coffee shop and used bookstore downtown Indianapolis at the corner of 16th Street and Pennsylvania. You may remember the space as Thirsty Scholar, which sat dormant for years despite a few teases of a return. Well, those folks are officially out and the new owners are in! As a bonus, they also took over an empty space next door, so it’s even bigger than before!

Dream Palace is as much of a used bookstore as it is a coffee shop. They have a wide selection of used books and a handful of new books, plus they have an incredible coffee & tea program that fits perfectly into the space.

If you’ve got used books you’ve been meaning to get rid of, Dream Palace has regular donation hours for you to drop them off. This program will adapt over time, so make sure to follow them on Instagram to stay up to date.

Dream Palace’s coffee program features delicious coffee from our friends at Tinker as well as a great selection of tea from Golden Hour teas.

Scott Recommends

You can’t go wrong with Tinker Coffee, and the coffee folks at Dream Palace do a great job with their entire menu.

My personal standout so far has been the tea. A lot of local coffee shops in Indianapolis use Rishi tea or don’t really have tea options at all. Dream Palace serves Golden Hour teas, which have all been really great to try, especially the herbal options. My personal current favorite is the Sweater Weather.

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