Coal Yard Coffee

By January 18, 2016

Coal Yard Coffee


5547 Bona Ave
Indianapolis IN 46219


Cafe, Alcohol, Food, Pastries, Patio, and Working Space


Rotating Organic Blends

About Coal Yard Coffee

Coal Yard Coffee in Irvington was one of the first local cafes I experienced in the city, and I (partially) blame the shop’s quirky attitude for my love of Indianapolis coffee.

For starters, Coal Yard screams ART. There is a constant passion in the air (and on the walls) of local creativity that bleeds through in everything the shop does. The spacious….space… offers room to do whatever you need to do, and it also provides an awesome space for literally all kinds of meet-ups and events.

Simply put, Coal Yard Coffee is your favorite off-the-beaten-path shop and artist space.