Fountain Square


1042 Virgina Ave,
Indianapolis IN 46203


A bunch of local roasters!


Cafe, Pastries, Dog-Friendly, Patio, WorkingSpace, and BikeRack

About Bovaconti

It’s hard to describe Bovaconti Coffee in just one phrase, so I’ll start with these few: beautiful, modern, vintage, chic, TILE, wallpaper, brass, delicious, local, caffeine. Does that paint a good enough picture?

From the brains that brought us Georgia Street Grind, Bovaconti Coffee is one of the brightest spots in Fountain Square. The space is gorgeous, and the team focuses just as much detail on the drinks (I always get a Tiger Eye with oat milk). There’s really just so much to love that you’ll have to try it yourself.

The space offers plenty of seating (inside and out), so it’s great for all kinds of meetings, working, studying, or just swinging in to get some local coffee + a treat from a local bakery. It’s definitely a fave for folks strolling through the neighborhood, hitting up all the local stops.

Bovaconti Coffee in Fountain Square isn’t just one of my favorites, it’s become a favorite for people all over Indiana. It isn’t uncommon for folks to drive over an hour just to come to Bovaconti for coffee and a stroll through Fountain Square. They just really do that great of a job with everything—the drinks, the snacks, the treats, the service, the smiles. Not to mention, its right off of The Red Line so we all have pretty easy access to this Indy café.

Scott Recommends

Ooooooooooh boy, where do I even start with this one? Bovaconti Coffee is truly one of those places that does everything right on their menu. Their core menu is super well curated with a select amount of drinks, and they all deserve to be applauded for their simplicity in nature but complexity in profile.

I always always always order a Tiger Eye with oat milk (it’s their version of a dirty chai latte) or a Café Miel (espresso + cinnamon + local honey). A lot of people really dig the Spanish latte, too, but I can’t quit the Tiger Eye—I just can’t.

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