Bee Coffee Roasters

By January 17, 2016

Bee Coffee Roasters


201 S Capitol Ave
Indianapolis IN 46225


Cafe, Pastries, and Working Space


Roasted In-House

About Bee Coffee Roasters

Located across the street from the Indiana Convention Center, this Bee Coffee location is a bright satellite of the main cafe on Lafayette Road.

One of the things I love most about Bee Coffee Roasters (besides the coffee) is its attitude. It’s one of those things that is incredibly clear, but is hard to describe with words? They’re cool. They’re smart. They’re caring. They’re all weirdos (thank god). And they are just great people.

The team at Bee Coffee continually focuses on quality + community, which means you’ll be hard-pressed to find better coffee (or better conversation) in the city.

Make sure to also check out their original location on Lafayette Road.