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Photo of Dylan Morse (Tinker Coffee) by Sydney Mills

The Indianapolis Coffee Guide exists as a resource to support and uplift the amazing local coffee community in Indy. A lot of what we do is highlighting and celebrating the amazing local coffee shops and roasters in the city to encourage more coffee drinkers to drink local coffee. We also are here as a free resource for owners and team members of local coffee shops and roasters in town.

Let me help!

It has always been a goal of mine for the Coffee Guide to exist as a free resource for coffee shops & roasters in town. I have never and will never take money from the hard work that you do in exchange for marketing and promotion. I see the hard work you all do every day and what little return you get from it. This has never been a money-making mission for me, and that’s not ever going to change. So for goodness sake, let me help! 🙂

Free marketing & photography

Please use me as a free marketing resource to get the word out about the cool stuff you are doing in your cafĂ©s and roasters. I am one person with a full-time job in tech, so I can’t be everywhere all at once, especially with the rising number of shops in town. So let me help!

Anytime, my DMs and my email are ALWAYS open for y’all! If there’s something I don’t feel comfortable posting about, I will absolutely let you know, but those are very few and far between.

I never want or expect anything in return—I am just genuinely happy to help where I can. I have built this little platform to spread the word about everything you all do, so please let me use it for you. It’s pretty easy for me to make a post on Instagram or share one of your posts to my stories to help get the word out about anything. 🙂

Time permitting, I am also always happy to provide photography of your space, product photography, or photos of anything else you may need. Lord knows, I also have a ton of photos already of nearly every cafĂ© in town that I’m happy to share with you as well. I may not be a super professional photographer, but I do what I can, and I’m always happy to help!

Rivet Coffee in Westfield

Connections: Building the community

While I can’t do everything (though I wish I could), you all have helped me build up quite the community of connections of the years—inside of coffee and out. If you ever need recommendations for anything—photo, video, marketing, cleaning, plant care, repairs, employees/hiring, social media, event planning, trip planning, graphic design, web design, merch, printing, local business partners, ANYTHING—I am so entirely happy to provide some connections.

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