Oh this ole thing? The Chemex has been a popular home brewing method since its inception in 1941. Not only does the Chemex brew a bright and clean cup of coffee, but it’s all-glass design is also a gorgeous addition to any kitchen. Chemex is only of my favorite ways to brew coffee, especially when I have friends and family over because it’s easy, it’s big, and it brews clean coffee that coffee drinkers of all kinds can appreciate.

Our friends at Circadian Coffee are masters of the Chemex, and for the first issue of Batch, they shared the recipe they use at their roastery.

To see this beautiful recipe (and others) in print, check out Batch Issue 1!

Circadian Coffee’s Chemex Recipe


80 grams


1000g at 195°F



Brew Time



Chemex (pictured)
Chemex Filter
Gooseneck Kettle
Kitchen Scale


Open the Chemex filter with 3 layers on one side and 1 on the other. Be sure to place the 3-layered side of the filter over the spout. If you put the single-ply part over the spout, it will create a seal and make it hard for air to escape as you pour in water.

Pre-wet your filter with hot water, and then discard the water.

Add grounds to filter and shake to level


Tare your scale and start your timer.

0:00 Add 250g of water, swirl the carafe to saturate all grounds and let bloom for 0:30.
0:30 Slowly pour the remaining 750g of water over the coffee bed, ensuring to spread the water over the surface evenly. Be careful not to pour directly onto the filter. The goal is to pour water in at roughly the same rate that it is leaving the bottom of the filter.

Discard filter and coffee grounds.


Flowers: Solstice Floral
Photo: Scott Soltys-Curry