We are beyond excited to announce that Batch—our magazine dedicated to the amazing local coffee community—is now in circulation at 20 branches of the Indianapolis Public Library!

We created Batch to be a resource for discovering new coffee shops and roasters in Indianapolis and the stories they all have to tell. Each issue of the magazine includes stories from behind the counter, interviews with industry professionals, in-depth articles on topics like milk science, and features about some of the amazing coffee people in the city.

Batch is a valuable addition to the resources offered by the Indianapolis Public Library. By making the magazine available at 20 branches across the city, we hope to make it easy for local coffee lovers to discover new places to support our amazing local coffee scene.

The Indianapolis Public Library has been a valuable partner in this endeavor, and we are grateful for their support and to be working alongside them. The library’s mission is to provide access to information and resources for all members of the community, and we believe that Batch is an excellent addition to their collection.

20 years from now

I recently had coffee with my friend Melanie Allen from Green Loop Marketing, and she reminded me how impactful it will be 20 years from now to be able to look back and see what was going on in our local coffee community during this time of rapid growth. It gave me allll the warm fuzzies knowing that these important stories of such important people are being honored in such a way and will be available for a long time.

We encourage everyone to check out a copy of Batch magazine at their local library branch—and to just…support the library always.

By the community, for the community

When we started working on Batch back in 2019, I would have NEVER imagined it would be where it is now. We’re in the library. We’re in over a dozen different countries. We almost won a Sprudgie. We’ve been in the news and on tv. We’re now available on Apple Books and the Amazon Kindle store! (But you can also buy the digital versions from our store: batchmag.com)

Most importantly, we’ve been able to share the stories of local coffee with so many people in a true and lasting (and tangible) way. Working on the magazine has connected so many of us in so many new ways, and for that I will forever be grateful.

We are thrilled to have Batch available in 20 branches of the Indianapolis Public Library. Thank you to our friends at the Library—especially Katie Bulloff—for partnering with us to make this wild & wonderful dream happen.

To everyone who has had a hand in the magazine—all of the writers, photographers, artists, editors, everything—thank you so much for being part of this dream with me. And thank you to everyone who has supported the Indianapolis Coffee Guide and Batch in any and every way that has helped get us here.

To find your nearest branch of IPL with copies of Batch, you can head to their catalog online.

If you’d like your own copy of Batch, we have a limited number of both issues remaining. You can purchase Issue 1, Issue 2, or both issues as a bundle.

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