It is truly a dream come true to announce Roast Rides: FREE local coffee shop bike tours along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail!

The Cultural Trail is one of my absolute favorite things about Indianapolis and partnering with them on this project is a literal dream come true. You already know how much I love local coffee, but you may not know my adoration and appreciation for the Cultural Trail. Roast Rides will be such a unique and special opportunity to explore the city with camaraderie, caffeine, and countless memories.

What to expect

On the second Saturday of every month starting in February, I will be hosting FREE local coffee shop bike tours along the Cultural Trail. There will be a different route each month that takes us by bike around the city to a few of our favorite local coffee shops where we’ll stop for coffee, learn about the business, and explore its surroundings on the trail. Along the way, we’ll also learn a lot more about The Cultural Trail and all of its amazing positive impacts on the city.

The Cultural Trail will also be providing a limited number of free Pacers Bikeshare bikes for riders who may not have their own bikes. Adaptive bikes are also available if two-wheeled bikes are a barrier for anyone who wants to join.

We also have a few surprises up our sleeves for some of the rides, including special treats from the cafés, special guests, and so much more.

Roast Ride dates—Extended!!

Starting in February, Roast Rides will happen on the second Saturday of every month. The dates we have scheduled are below, and tickets will become available in the weeks leading up to each event. Hopefully, this summer we’ll be adding even more dates so that we can all get out and about on our bikes.

February 10: Sign up here!

March 9: Sign up here!

April 13: Sign up here!

May 11: Sign up here!

June 15: Sign up here!

  • Coffee shops TBA

Spaces will be limited for each ride, so make sure to stay tuned on social media for upcoming dates and ticket release time. You all were very excited about the first dates, as they sold out very quickly!

Indy Rides FREE

Are you a Marion County resident? You can ride Pacers Bikeshare for free, 30-minute trips! Learn more and sign up today. To receive your pass by the Roast Ride, complete the process at least 10 days in advance.

What to bring

  • Your bike (unless you requested a Pacers Bikeshare Bike)
    • If you haven’t gotten your bike out in a while, this is your reminder to dust it off and give it a once-over!
  • Helmets
  • A bike lock
  • Water
  • Reusable mug (here’s my favorite travel mug)
  • Backpack
  • Sunscreen!
  • Sunglasses
  • Phone/Camera

About The Cultural Trail

We gushed about The Cultural Trail in Batch Issue 2 (which you can read online here), but that’s not going to stop us from gushing about them some more here.

The Cultural Trail in a world class, internationally recognized linear park (aka walking and biking trail) that runs 8 miles (soon to be 10 miles) through downtown Indianapolis. They are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that connects to city by trail, but they also connect us to so much art and culture. Along the Trail are 5 acres of garden beds that boast thousands of perennial plants, shrubs, and trees. It also includes over 25,000 feet of rain gardens, which help protect the White River watershed and public infrastructure.

Like I said, there’s so much to love about The Cultural Trail, so make sure to follow them on Instagram (@indyculturaltrail) and check out their website for so much more information:

FAQs about Roast Rides

Is it free to participate in the Roast Ride?

It is FREE to participate in the Roast Ride. However, any optional coffee or other purchases made by the riders would be on their own. We recommend participants bring a credit card or cash should they choose to make any purchases.

Do I need to bring my own bike?

We recommend bringing your own bike if possible. However, our friends at the Indianapolis Cultural Trail will be providing a limited number of free Pacers Bikeshare Bikes for each ride. You WILL need to sign an additional waiver. Pacers Bikeshare bikes must be docked or locked when not in use.

What if I’m not comfortable on a bike or have mobility limitations?

Our friends at The Cultural Trail have you covered! They have adaptive bicycles, that are specifically designed for people who aren’t comfortable or have mobility challenges that make riding a two-wheeled bike difficult, that can be utilized. You will need to sign an additional waiver for these.

What about the weather?

We’ll watch the weather as closely as we can, and riders will be notified at least an hour in advance of any cancellations. That being said, the Cultural Trail is kept free of snow and ice, so as long as it’s not raining too badly, we should be good to go! <insert joke about Indiana weather here>

Can I bring friends or my kids?

Yes, this is a beginner-friendly ride that welcomes all ages, abilities, and paces. However, space is limited for these events. Each rider needs to individually register through Eventbrite. We may not be able to accommodate unregistered riders.

Which coffee shops will we be visiting?

Each ride will be planned around visiting two local coffee shops along the Cultural Trail. We will be updating the event description for each event with the coffee shops we plan to visit; however, those locations are not guaranteed and are subject to change.

What is the route?

Part of the fun of Roast Rides is that we will be hitting up different local coffee shops each month! The rides will always begin and end at Lugar Plaza and primarily use the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

For more frequently asked questions, check out any of the Eventbrite listings for Roast Rides.

Biking around the city

Since we moved downtown in 2021, biking around Indianapolis has been one of our favorite ways to commute and explore. The Cultural Trail has been a huge part of making that possible and has opened our eyes in new ways to so much about our city.

We bike a lot, but I would not say we are Cyclists™️. We have decent bikes we bought years ago, but we’re not clipping in shoes. We bike to the gym. We bike to dinner. We bike to get out of the house. We’re casual bikers.

We love The Cultural Train, specifically, because they take care of it so well that we don’t have to worry about the big things that come with cycling in a city. The less we worry about traffic and bike lanes, the more we can enjoy the vibrance of the city along the trail from the comfy seats of our bikes.