Indianapolis Coffee Guide Scott Soltys-Curry

About the Indianapolis Coffee Guide

Coffee shops, like used bookstores, are magical and encapsulating environments, overflowing with the scents of freshly brewed coffee and greetings from charming baristas.

There’s a special magic that comes from enjoying coffee at a local cafe. Coffee shops are places we work, where we relax, where we catch up with friends, where we meet new people.

And Indianapolis coffee shops embody all of this and so much more. We’re a community of amazing individuals who constantly lift each other up.

A Love Letter

The goal of the Indianapolis Coffee Guide has always been simple: I want people to love local coffee as much as I do. And over time, this has really come together as a sort of love letter, from me to the coffee community in Indianapolis.


Early 2016

I get fed up with trying to find local coffee on Yelp! and Google. Starbucks isn't local! So I decide to take matters into my own hands.


The first Indianapolis Coffee Guide website launches! It's easy to find local Indianapolis coffee online, finally.


The iPhone app - Indianapolis Coffee - hits the app store. The new Indianapolis Coffee Guide brand goes live.


The Instagram hits 5k followers, a new app starts to be developed, and the idea for a new website is hatched.


Somehow 8500+ of you are following along, our first ever MERCH gets launched, and a new website is born.

2020 March

A global pandemic wreaks havoc on all industries, but especially local coffee. We all band together, do what we can, and fight our way through it.

Fall 2020

A super-secret project YEARS in the making is released.

Credit Where Credit is Due

All of the photos on this page were taken by Sydney Mills, aka @still.indy, but she’s bashful so don’t tell her I told you. 😉