Coffee shops, like used bookstores, are magical and encapsulating environments, overflowing with the scents of freshly brewed coffee and greetings from charming baristas.

There’s a special magic that comes from enjoying coffee at a local cafe. Coffee shops are places we work, where we relax, where we catch up with friends, where we meet new people.

And Indianapolis coffee shops embody all of this and so much more. We’re a community of amazing individuals who constantly lift each other up.

A Love Letter

The goal of the Indianapolis Coffee Guide has always been simple: I want people to love local coffee as much as I do. And over time, this has really come together as a sort of love letter, from me to the coffee community in Indianapolis.

The Team

Scott Soltys-Curry
Scott Soltys-Curry, founder of the Indianapolis Coffee Guide & Batch Magazine. Photo by Sydney Mills.

Scott Soltys-Curry


Scott Soltys-Curry accidentally founded the Indianapolis Coffee Guide in 2016 as a side project because he had a hard time finding local coffee shops in Indy.

He is a full-time Senior Product Designer for a tech company and works remotely (usually from a coffee shop). The Indianapolis Coffee Guide has been and will always be a side passion project of his.

Patrick Soltys-Curry
Patrick Soltys-Curry. Photo by Just Jess Photography.

Patrick Soltys-Curry

Editor-in-Chief, Batch Magazine

Patrick (Scott’s husband & best friend) is the Editor-in-Chief of Batch, the magazine by the Indianapolis Coffee Guide. After a decade of teaching English to high school students, Patrick retired from teaching and started his own podcast and YouTube channel: RPGaymer. Patrick leads the content efforts of the magazine while somehow helping Scott keep his sh*t together.

Photographer Jes Nijjer
Jes Nijjer. Photo by Courtney Thompson.

Jes Nijjer

Photography Director, Batch Magazine

Jes Nijjer (aka @jeskeepswimming) is the owner of Pretty Not Bad Visual Studio in Indianapolis. Besides being an incredible friend, Jes handles the photography for our magazine. She is also often forced to collab with Scott on any/all projects he schemes up, but more often than not, that’s a two-way street.

Jes is an incredible photographer who focuses on small business photography, usually for local food & bev companies. But honestly, she crushes everything.