I recently bumped into our friends at Life in Indy as I was biking over to Tinker Coffee at The Amp to get some work done, and they had a few questions for me! You can check out the video over on Instagram (@yourlifeinindy) or keep reading to check out my about all of my answers.

The 317 Video Series

Life in Indy is an incredible local organization dedicated to life in Indy (obviously), and their new 317 series highlights different communities in Indy by asking Indyfluencers 3 big intro questions and 17 more get-to-know-you questions. It is done in the style of Vogue’s popular rapid-fire 73 Questions interviews on YouTube, but much better because it is focused on Indianapolis!

You can check out the video over on Instagram, but I figured I could use this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about my favorite things in Indy!

The Big 3 questions

Because I live in Riverside, a community just north west of downtown, the first big 3 questions were about that!

How much do I pay in mortgage/rent? ~$1500

What do I love most about living here? I love that it is so close to downtown without actually being directly downtown. It only takes a few minutes to get anywhere downtown, PLUS there are a ton of new bike paths that connect us directly to The Cultural Trail and so many other walking and biking paths.

Where was this video taken? We shot this quick video at The Amp At 16 Tech, which is one of my favorite places in Riverside (and all of Indianapolis). The Amp is an innovative hub for food and retail that is located in the old Indianapolis Water Company. There are so many amazing local culinary spots to support inside The Amp, and it is one of my favorite places in the city.

More questions about me

How long is my commute to work everyday?

I work from home, so my commute is however long it takes for me to get to a local coffee shop to work for the day!

What industry do I work in?

Running the Indianapolis Coffee Guide is a side passion project of mine. Professionally, I am a lead interaction designer (I design software) for a large security company, and I’ve worked for a number of local Indy startups.

If I need coffee, where do I go?

WELL, I have an entire website (and instagram, magazine, and mobile app) dedicated to this very question! But since we were at The Amp, we hit up Tinker Coffee.

What do I consider a hidden gem in Indy?

My favorite hidden gem in Indy SHOULDN’T BE A HIDDEN GEM! My favorite hidden gem is the wealth of FREE classes offered by our amazing friends at the Indianapolis Public Library. They have SO MUCH FREE PROGRAMMING at all of their branches. You truly can’t beat that.

It’s date night in Indy, where are you going?

Our favorite date night recently is walking over to Guggman Haus Brewery here in Riverside on Wednesday nights for Trivia! Grateful to be able to walk over because parking gets wild.

This or that?

Catching a movie or spending time in nature?

Indiana is beautiful in the fall, so you are more likely to find us bopping around in nature.

Tamika Catchings or Reggie Miller?

I grew up wearing a Reggie Miller jersey, but Tamika Catchings is a friend of the Coffee Guide, so… Tamika! She owns Tea’s Me Café, and let us interview her for the second issue of Batch about her tea shops, her own journey to Indianapolis, and all of the amazing work she does for the community here in Indy.

Shrimp cocktail or breaded tenderloin?

Breaded tenderloin for the win on this one, specifically The Schnitzel at Guggman Haus Brewing. Their fries are the best fries in the city, and I will take no further questions about the topic!

Some of my favorite things

Favorite local festival?

Every year we really look forward to the LGBTQ+ Film Festival, which is in November at the Kan-Kan.

Favorite spot for brunch?

Our go-to for brunch in Indianapolis is any of the Café Patachou spots in the city.

Favorite music venue?

The Amphitheater at White River State Park.

Favorite seasonal activity?

Closing out the summer with the Feast of Lantern at Spades Park.

Favorite volunteer opportunity?

I’ve spent the most time with the Indianapolis Men’s Chorus, and I’m looking forward to volunteering soon with the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

Favorite local sports team?

The Indiana Fever! The unsung hero of Indianapolis sports.

Favorite local retailer?

We love popping into Heritage Clothier on 54th Street.

Favorite spot for remote work?

There are so many amazing local coffee shops to work from in Indianapolis.

Favorite place to meet new friends?

Any of the amazing local coffee shops in Indianapolis!!

Who is ‘Life in Indy’?

I’ve been working with Life in Indy for a while as an Indyfluencer because I just love them. The Life in Indy community and website are incredibly valuable resources for helping people fall in love with Indianapolis and the region—a cause that is very near and dear to my own heart!

Life in Indy has a ton of amazing resources created by real people who love Indy. They have amazing resources for helping you find your perfect neighborhood. They have a ton of guides and to-do lists (like this one I wrote about coffee!). They breakdown a lot of family factors like cost of living, education, and transportation. They also have a ton of professional resources, such as professional networking and key industries & employers.

My journey to Indianapolis

Some of you may know this, but I was actually born in Indianapolis, but my family moved to a small town in Tennessee when I was very young. When I moved back to Indianapolis in 2011, I honestly had no expectations. I was lightly tethered to the city because I was born here and visited family every few years, but I didn’t know anything about it. What was intended to just be an extended summer holiday turned into a whole new life that I’ve made here because I fell in love with this city.

The Indianapolis Coffee Guide was born out of my own personal inclination of sharing what I love and what excites me with other people—in this case, the amazing local coffee scene. Working with Life in Indy in any capacity lets me do that same thing but for this city. I love Indy, and I want other people to be excited about it, too.

Thanks for following along with my journey—both with these questions and the Indianapolis Coffee Guide.