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Local Pumpkin Spice Latte Guide

Everywhere you look, you find pumpkin spice everything, and it really does seem like they’ve infused everything with pumpkin spice nowadays. We’ve got cookies. We’ve got lattes. We’ve got cakes. We’ve got candles. We’ve got cheesecakes, syrups, ice creams, butters, raviolis, pastas, beers, cereals, tortilla…
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The Best Cold Brew in Indianapolis

You know, it’s late August, but for some reason it’s still 90 DEGREES OUTSIDE. I’ve had this blog post ready for a while, but this summer was a little weird. So to help us all through this last heatwave, I’m gonna tell you where to…
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Black-Owned Coffee in Indianapolis

Community. Community. Community. ‘Community’ is one of the guiding principles of the Indianapolis Coffee Guide and has been since before it started. Being part of a community means celebrating everyone and amplifying all voices who contribute to the community. It means celebrating our differences and…

The State of Coffee in Indianapolis

In January of this year, I wrote a long article called 'The State of Indianapolis Coffee.' It followed my usual pomp & circumstance of praising all of the awesome things going on in Indy's coffee scene. You know I’m the biggest cheerleader for this community.…